Hi! I'm The Crystal Barista 

I truly believe rocks and crystals should be a joy! 

The makings of a Crystal Barista 

 Hi! My name is Adrienne McElwain and I grew up hanging out at a good ol' fashion rock shop. I have an affinity for digging in the dirt, finding treasure, and sharing my passion of geology. I love teaching, traveling, and learning about the ancient lour around stones! Life changes quickly and I am learning to run with the wind, so in the new technologic world I have become The Crystal Barista, and run an online rock shop with a flair for fun and a little bit of magic. I sure hope you join me on my adventures around the world as we uncover new treasure, learn new lour, and new and explore millions of years of history.

I run my Facebook Rock Shop in order to share my joy of finding, buying, and collecting rocks. I also teach homeschool geology classes over google classroom and visit dozens of classrooms a year to share my joy with children. If you have any questions about my box, other stones, or maybe even a stone you have you want help identifying, please feel free to reach out to me via Facebook Messanger or email: Adrienne@rocks4u.com