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Crystal Healing Set of The Month

This Crystal Healing Subscription Box is specifically designed to help teach how to use, clean, and craft crystal healing into your daily life. Each box includes a masterfully crafted Crystal Healing Set Featuring 5 Stones, plus 2 to 4 crystal healing tools. Detailed instructions and descriptions on the stones, and fun easy to try crystal healing techniques for life! #CrystalLife *Unbox happiness monthly! Filled with all things mindful, thoughtful, and beautiful stones to inspire your life! *1 Crystal Healing Set of 5 Stones, plus 2 - 4 self crystal healing tools (i.e., sacred geometric shape grid, natural/organic crystal infused bath salts, crystal bowl, and clearing candles!) Crafted by certified Crystal Healer, Master Dream Interpretation specialist, Access Bars Practitioner, and life long crystal enthusiast, for maximum healing. #TreatYoself or a loved one to the possibilities the universe has for you! *Over $50+ in retail value in every box!

Natural Stone Cabochon Collection Box

Every month you will receive 5-10 beautiful stone cabochons, carefully labeled and masterfully packed plus at least one BONUS extra! Unusual Stones, Hard to Find Agates, Stunning Gemstones and more! This subscription box is designed for artists who silversmith, wirewrap, collect polished stones, or work in crystal or spiritual healing. Cabochons are a fantastic way to collect unusual stones.#RockLovers *Unpack 5 to 10 Cabochons Every Month! *Each Box includes 5 to 10 Cabochons with Labels and at Least 1 Extra (i.e., Display Case, jewelry findings to try, double-sided cabochon, other stones for unique jewelry making.) Each box is as unique as the stones inside! #TreatYoself and discover new stones you'll love for years to come! *Over $65+ in retail value in every box!